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Posthumous Tableaux - Gippsland Art Gallery

July 14  - 9 September 2018

Painter, taxidermist and installation artist Michelle Molinari treads a fine line between death and beauty in her latest exhibition 'Posthumous Tableaux'.                                   

Through her exquisite paintings Molinari brings to life arrangements of objects that remind us of the finality of death.         

Inspired by the Dutch vanitas tradition of the seventeenth century, Molinari’s works seek to investigate the cultures of longing that impel the urge to preserve something from nature’s inevitable course.


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Sat 14 Oct 2017 - Sun 28 Jan 2018

Romancing the Skull - Art Galley of Ballarat

Michelle Molinari's work Vanitas 2017 has been curated into the exhibition Romancing the Skull. This exhibition looks at the depiction of the skull in art and examines why we continue to be so enamored with this iconic symbol. It includes works by contemporary Australian artists Sam Jinks, Rona Green, Ben Quilty and specially commissioned works by Fiona Hall, Reko Rennie, Sally Smart.